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What is Web Traffic?

Just like traffic on a highway refers to the number of cars traveling down the road, web traffic is the number of web users who travel to any given website. Each person who logs on to a website is recorded as a visit or session, with a starting and ending point, thanks to behind-the-scenes communications […]

What is Google My Business (or GMB)?

Google My Business (or GMB) is a business listing on Google that allows your company information to be output by Google in a variety of different results. We all know Google, and how it has its fingers in every part of the online pie, but what is Google My Business? Google My Business (commonly known […]

How long does it take for a web page to rank?

The time it takes for a page to start ranking or increase in rankings depends on the various ranking factors and Google’s ability to process the changes in a timely manner. Businesses, especially small businesses, should be wary of anyone who approaches them with guarantees or promises to get their site ranking in X number […]

Why do rankings change?

Rankings will fluctuate for a number of reasons including: Search semantics/machine learning – What is the user really searching for here or expecting to see? Site/page changes (for better or worse) Competitor site changes (for better or worse) New sites and pages Seasonality Algorithm updates Search volume fluctuations User behavior changes (search intent, clicks, bounce […]

Are rankings different on desktop vs. mobile?

Yes, Google looks at desktop and mobile differently from a user experience standpoint but looks for cohesiveness across both as well. Now that Google has more user behavior data on mobile devices because of Chrome and Android, Google can treat them differently. More users are searching on mobile utilizing voice search and wearable devices, so […]

How are SEO keyword rankings determined?

Google sends a spider/robot to crawl your site to learn about your content, which tells them: What you’re about How popular you are What searches you’re relevant to Google gets to know your site via crawlers that crawl your site frequently (usually daily or weekly, depending on numerous factors). This is why your “rankings” will […]

What are ‘SERPs’?

SERPs is an acronym used in the SEO industry that stands for Search Engine Results Page. You may hear statements like “this is where your site is ranking in SERPs,” simply meaning that this is where your web page is ranking within search results.

What are keyword rankings?

Keyword rankings refer to your web page’s position within search results for a particular keyword search query. When a user searches for the particular keyword, your ranking URL would be the web page that is listed for that keyword search. One web page can rank for several relevant search keywords and phrases. Search results vary […]