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How Domain Names and Web Hosting are Related?

Domain names and web hosting are two different services. However, they work together to make websites possible. Basically a domain name system is like a massive address book that is constantly updated. Behind each domain name, there is an address of the web hosting service storing the website’s files. Without domain names, it will not […]

Technical Support

If you need technical support. We have 2 options to serve you. 1. reach out to your success manager via email or if it is after hours please submit a support ticket here.

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We service the entire United States from east to west, from north to south. we can dominate your competition no matter where you operate your business in the Red white & blue. Our headquarters is based out of Knoxville TN

It looks like my website is down?

Is Your Website Down Or IP Blocked? By far the single biggest reason for our team getting cursed out via Live Chat, on the phone, or through our Support Ticket System is customers reaching out that their site is down. I agree – downtime sucks!  Working online there is not a more helpless feeling than not being able to reach your website. […]

How to Access Webmail?

Accessing Webmail through your domain name Its simple and easy way is to access your Webmail using your domain name like this: yourdomain.com/webmail/. For example, if I have a domain xyzservices.com, I access my Webmail by going to this link: xyzservices.com/webmail/. TECHNICAL NOTE: You can also access webmail by using the port number instead of […]

What’s the Difference Between Paid & Organic Search?

When you look for something online, a search engine will show you two types of results: paid and organic search results. Organic results—also known as natural results—are the listings that appear because of their actual relevance to the search terms. Paid results (non-organic) are advertisements—site owners have paid to display their pages or listings based on certain […]

What’s the Difference Between Long Tail & Broad Match Keywords?

Two buzzwords related to both content optimization and AdWords targeting are “long tail keywords” and “broad keywords.” It’s essential to understand the difference between the two in order to optimize on-page content and AdWords campaigns effectively. In short – long tail keywords generate narrow results, while broad keywords generate broad match results.A long tail keyword is typically a […]