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How long will it take to get to the first page?

The key to any successful campaign is understanding it is a journey not a destination. While I can’t tell you exactly what day you will achieve your desired results, I can tell you that we usually see movement in 1-3 months and most of our strategies take 2-6 months to see goals come to fruition.

How can we target this new keyword?

Typically I will look at existing efforts and assets that support the new target. Playing off of those first, we create a strategy of existing asset optimization and new asset creation that will help the client achieve their goals.

How can I beat my main competition, ____________?

We analyze the competition with each an everyone of our clients. In fact, we can tack the keyword ranking of up to 5 competitors during our campaigns. We perform our service for your business with the competition in mind. After we determine what the competition is doing, we may change the strategy for our clients. […]

Can you help me rank for ___________?

Yes! The core of our business is helping our client’s rank for whatever keyword they feel will bring them the most business; however, we will of course be sure to align expectations correctly and make recommendations on what we feel is best for our client’s business.

Call Labeling Defined

VALID LEAD Someone with ‘intent’ to use your services. Anyone that asks questions about your services. Anyone wanting an estimate/inspection. Anyone wanting to schedule an appointment. A missed call from a local number that rings more than 15 seconds or calls more than once. Someone that calls and is told that you do not service […]