Call Labeling Defined


  • Someone with ‘intent’ to use your services.
  • Anyone that asks questions about your services.
  • Anyone wanting an estimate/inspection.
  • Anyone wanting to schedule an appointment.
  • A missed call from a local number that rings more than 15 seconds or calls more than once.
  • Someone that calls and is told that you do not service their problem or area when you actually do.

Once a caller dials your number, it is your job to sell the prospect on the other end of the line to use you and your services.

(Good phone skills can go along way!)



  • Any caller that you have already been charged for as a lead.



  • Anyone trying to reach a supply store.
  • Anyone trying to reach another company/person and doesn’t want to use/speak with anyone else.

These you can sometimes salvage and gain these people as customers if your phone skills are good enough.



  • Someone asking if you are currently hiring
  • Someone asking if you need any more help for jobs or to join a work crew



  • Anyone who mentions google rankings
  • Any automated message
  • Anyone wanting to sell marketing/SEO services
  • Any solicitor

Most of these numbers when they are labeled and caught as Spam are then blacklisted, which means they will never be able to call again.


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