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What is Web Traffic?

Just like traffic on a highway refers to the number of cars traveling down the road, web traffic is the number of web users who travel to any given website. Each person who logs on to a website is recorded as a visit or session, with a starting and ending point, thanks to behind-the-scenes communications […]

What is Google My Business (or GMB)?

Google My Business (or GMB) is a business listing on Google that allows your company information to be output by Google in a variety of different results. We all know Google, and how it has its fingers in every part of the online pie, but what is Google My Business? Google My Business (commonly known […]

What is uptime monitoring and why should you care?

Uptime describes the period when a website (or content) is available and running as it should. It is measured in percentages. High availability represents 99.999% – which is a yearly downtime of fewer than 5.26 minutes. Downtime is the opposite of uptime. When a website is down, it cannot perform its purpose or generate sales […]

How long does it take for a web page to rank?

The time it takes for a page to start ranking or increase in rankings depends on the various ranking factors and Google’s ability to process the changes in a timely manner. Businesses, especially small businesses, should be wary of anyone who approaches them with guarantees or promises to get their site ranking in X number […]

Why do rankings change?

Rankings will fluctuate for a number of reasons including: Search semantics/machine learning – What is the user really searching for here or expecting to see? Site/page changes (for better or worse) Competitor site changes (for better or worse) New sites and pages Seasonality Algorithm updates Search volume fluctuations User behavior changes (search intent, clicks, bounce […]

Are rankings different on desktop vs. mobile?

Yes, Google looks at desktop and mobile differently from a user experience standpoint but looks for cohesiveness across both as well. Now that Google has more user behavior data on mobile devices because of Chrome and Android, Google can treat them differently. More users are searching on mobile utilizing voice search and wearable devices, so […]

How are SEO keyword rankings determined?

Google sends a spider/robot to crawl your site to learn about your content, which tells them: What you’re about How popular you are What searches you’re relevant to Google gets to know your site via crawlers that crawl your site frequently (usually daily or weekly, depending on numerous factors). This is why your “rankings” will […]

What are ‘SERPs’?

SERPs is an acronym used in the SEO industry that stands for Search Engine Results Page. You may hear statements like “this is where your site is ranking in SERPs,” simply meaning that this is where your web page is ranking within search results.

What are keyword rankings?

Keyword rankings refer to your web page’s position within search results for a particular keyword search query. When a user searches for the particular keyword, your ranking URL would be the web page that is listed for that keyword search. One web page can rank for several relevant search keywords and phrases. Search results vary […]

How Domain Names and Web Hosting are Related?

Domain names and web hosting are two different services. However, they work together to make websites possible. Basically a domain name system is like a massive address book that is constantly updated. Behind each domain name, there is an address of the web hosting service storing the website’s files. Without domain names, it will not […]

Why Is It Important to Keep Your WordPress Updated?

There are several reasons why you need need to keep WordPress updated. Updates to this platform are released quite often and for good reason. Besides providing new features, WordPress updates serve other important functions. Main Reasons Why You Need to Keep WordPress Updated Let’s consider the top 4 reasons why updating WordPress is important. To […]

My website works for everyone else but won’t pull up for me?

Problem: Your IP is blocked If your website is pulling up for everyone else except you its probably because your IP is Blocked. Why Your IP Gets Blocked This can happen for a number of reasons, but the most common is failed login attempts via cPanel, FTP, or email. If you accidentally enter the wrong […]

It looks like my website is down?

Is Your Website Down Or IP Blocked? By far the single biggest reason for our team getting cursed out via Live Chat, on the phone, or through our Support Ticket System is customers reaching out that their site is down. I agree – downtime sucks!  Working online there is not a more helpless feeling than not being able to reach your website. […]

How to Access Webmail?

Accessing Webmail through your domain name Its simple and easy way is to access your Webmail using your domain name like this: For example, if I have a domain, I access my Webmail by going to this link: TECHNICAL NOTE: You can also access webmail by using the port number instead of […]

Measuring Keyword Performance

First and foremost – before measuring keyword performance, you need to check if you are even showing up for your top keywords. Your top keywords will be a critical aspect of your site’s performance. It is extremely important that you are correctly doing SEO to ensure that your site can do as well as possible. […]

What Is A Sitemap & How Is It Used?

A sitemap is a list of the pages on a website accessible by search engine crawlers. A site map allows crawlers to understand the organization of your site and its content, can help visitors navigate a website, and can be beneficial as a planning tool during web design. Site maps are especially important when: A […]

What Is A/B Testing & How Is It Used?

A/B testing is a simple way to compare web page variations to see what performs better. Also called “split testing,” it tests an A version (control) and a B version (variation), which are identical except for one variation that may alter a user’s behavior. The goal is to determine which version is more effective and […]

What is Adwords Quality Score & How Do You Find it?

AdWords Quality Score (as defined by Google AdWords Help resources) is “an estimate of the quality of your ads, keywords, and landing pages.” In other words, it’s “an aggregated estimate of your overall performance in ad auctions.”Personally, this isn’t a very clear definition – especially for those of who are less familiar with AdWords.Google’s other (and […]

What is Click Through Rate (CTR) & How is it Measured?

In Google AdWords, Click Through Rate (CTR) is a measure of how many people click on your ad versus how many people see your ad. CTR is an indicator of how relevant your ads are to the people who are searching for your keywords.Click through rate is measured by dividing the number of clicks on your […]

What is CPC & How Does CPC Bidding Work?

What is CPC? CPC stands for “Cost-per-Click”. It is the cost of an individual click on your ad; in other words, it is the amount you pay per click. How Does CPC Bidding Work? With this type of bidding, you will be setting the maximum amount you are willing to pay per click on your ad. […]

What is CPM & How Does CPM Bidding Work?

What is CPM? CPM stands for “Cost per Mille”, which translates to cost per thousand impressions. How Does CPM Bidding Work? The CPM bidding model is most often used when investing in display, social, or media advertising. The goal should always be to set a CPM bid that optimizes you visibility within the constraints of […]

What is Dynamic Keyword Insertion?

Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) is an extremely useful feature within AdWords that allows for extra flexibility when writing ad copy. I’m going to illustrate what I believe to be the fundamental features and benefits of using DKI. We’ll start with the basics and I’ll provide a checklist that can help determine whether or not the […]

What is PPC marketing?

PPC (pay per click), sometimes called cost per click, is a cost-effective method of online advertising where ads are displayed on search engine results pages. PPC ads stand out from the organic search results and get noticed by the people searching for products and services like yours. How does PPC pricing work? When you use […]

What’s the Difference Between Adwords & Adwords Express?

If you’re ready to venture into the world of Google AdWords advertising, you’ll have a decision to make: AdWords or AdWords Express? If you’re not sure, we’re here to help you understand the difference between the two.Both versions allow you to reach potential customers on Google, market on mobile devices and the ability to target […]

What’s the Difference Between Long Tail & Broad Match Keywords?

Two buzzwords related to both content optimization and AdWords targeting are “long tail keywords” and “broad keywords.” It’s essential to understand the difference between the two in order to optimize on-page content and AdWords campaigns effectively. In short – long tail keywords generate narrow results, while broad keywords generate broad match results.A long tail keyword is typically a […]

What’s the Difference Between Paid & Organic Search?

When you look for something online, a search engine will show you two types of results: paid and organic search results. Organic results—also known as natural results—are the listings that appear because of their actual relevance to the search terms. Paid results (non-organic) are advertisements—site owners have paid to display their pages or listings based on certain […]

Adwords Ad Extensions Give Customers More Reasons to Click

Improve visibility and increase your return on investment in AdWords with Ad Extensions, such as Callout or Sitelink extensions. There are two types of ad extensions in AdWords, manual and automated, to see a full list click here. If your ad has a high enough ad rank, which determines your ads’ position on page, then […]

Benefit of a Modified Broad Match in Google Adwords

There are 4 types of keyword match types in Google AdWords. They are classified as the attributes Google allows you to add to keywords to give them more or less potential search volume. You’ll notice that if no attribute is applied, the keyword is recognized by Google as a modified broad match. A modified broad match is […]

How Does Organic Relevance Of The Landing Page Affect Pay-Per-Click?

At times, the relationship between organic SEO and Google PPC search ads has been subject to misinterpretations. I am going to highlight the significance of organic relevance, and how it affects PPC search ad campaigns.A landing page that is optimized for its target keyword will display in the search engine results page (SERP) due to organic […]

How much does BlackStorm charge for pay-per-click management?

BlackStorm bases your management fee off of your average monthly media (platform) spend. BlackStorm uses a pricing matrix based on the amount of your monthly advertising spend. The more platforms and advertising spend you have, the more complex the management becomes.To get the most out of any PPC campaign, we continually optimize campaigns, closely monitor […]

Why are Negative Keywords important in Google Ad’s

Negative keywords are an essential piece of any AdWords campaign to help get the right type of traffic based on the goals of a campaign. A negative keyword is a word or phrase that will prevent your ad from being triggered if used in the search term. Negative keywords follow the same rules as regular […]

Why Does AdWords Spend More Than My Daily Budget?

If you have questions about your AdWords spend, don’t worry – you’re not alone. This is actually a common question in the digital marketing community. Google quietly rolled out an update on how budgets function in AdWords on October 4. This update is actually just a more aggressive approach to an already imperfect system. Budget […]

What is an SEO audit?

An SEO site audit measures the health of a website from a technical standpoint. What does an SEO audit include? SEO Health Score – A score from 1-100 that indicates your website’s SEO Health. A healthy website is in the range of an “80.” SEO Errors, Warnings, and Suggestions – An SEO Audit breaks down […]

When will I see results from my SEO efforts?

SEO results can take time to see and depends on multiple variables. The timeline of seeing results from SEO efforts depends on variables like website strength, competition, inbound links, content, and budget. Many SEO firms will tell you it takes four to six months to start seeing results, but there is no actual timetable that […]

Why do I need SEO?

Implementing SEO best practices will increase the amount of relevant traffic to your website, build consumer trust and, ultimately, generate more leads without having to pay for advertising. Increase relevant traffic: Implementing an effective SEO strategy will send more internet users to your website who are actively searching for your products and services. By improving […]

What is organic SEO vs. PPC search results?

SEO and PPC both deliver the same ultimate result: higher visibility in Google searches. But they require a different skillset and approach. SEO involves a complicated long-term strategy that includes content marketing and link building, while PPC employs daily bidding and more data analysis.Search engine optimization is competitive and can take a long time to […]

How fast can you complete a website?

We have completed custom websites in as fast as 2 weeks. That is only if our setup documents are filled out accurately and we receive all the content and information for the website project up front. Usually, it is more of a process than this. Our average time to complete a website is between 4 […]

Are your websites responsive?

Yes! Having a responsive website in this day and age is very, very important as so many people use their handheld devices to search and shop online. Local SEO is usually a great add on for businesses that have heavy traffic from mobile devices.

Can I just use phone photos for my website?

“>It’s definitely not ideal but it can be done… Our reccomendation is say an iPhone 8+ or above for a good camera that will give you the kind of images we are looking for… For most websites where these images would be an issue would be in parallax images where technically you are seeing approximately […]

How do I maintain the website? Can I update it myself?

We offer maintenance on your website after it goes live. We can also train you to make some changes on your site if you prefer to maintain and update it yourself.

How long will building a website take?

Every website timeline is different. We will not know until we have a conversation with you about your needs and how we can best help you thrive. Give your client success managere a call.

How will people find my website?

We build sites with optimal search engine compatibility and offer full-service digital marketing campaigns and social media campaigns.

What is a Domain Name?

Websites are accessed by typing in their ‘Dot Com’ address or domain name. There are many examples of domains such as ‘Dot net”, ‘Dot org’, and now all sorts of new types are coming out. For even more search engine optimization something that is entirely skipped far too often.. Did you know you should buy […]

What is an SSL certificate?

: SSL certificates or SSL Cert’s as they’re often called are what makes a website accessible via HTTPS vs HTTP… That means in your address bar our web address would read vs – which means that the domain is secured by a certificate. The best SSL’s are 256 bit military encyrption but there […]

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is what makes your website truly live online…. While a Dot Com or ‘Domain Name’ is the address that people go to, hosting is what they are accessing, where your files are stored and how they are being served to your visitors. We have found the best web hosting in the industry by […]

Will my site be search engine friendly?

Yes! We will optimize your site for SEO (search engine optimization) so that it can be found easily on search engines like Google and Bing. We can also explore digital ad campaigns that will increase your visibility on search engines.______________________[/av_toggle_container]

What is Domain Name Hoarding?

Domain name hoarding is a practice many are guilty of, when someone buys way more domain names than they ever possibly  could develop and further they usually just sit on them incurring renewal fee’s for years and years.Many clients will show us with wide-eyes a Godaddy or 1And1 login with 100’s upon 100’s of domain […]

How can we target this new keyword?

Typically I will look at existing efforts and assets that support the new target. Playing off of those first, we create a strategy of existing asset optimization and new asset creation that will help the client achieve their goals.

How confident are you that I can rank for __________? Because I need results.

We perform our due diligence and determine a great strategy for our clients to feel confident that we can execute and reach appropriate goals.

How long does it take to rank locally?

There is no way to answer this question with accuracy. We typically see results in 1-3 months

How long will it take to get to the first page?

The key to any successful campaign is understanding it is a journey not a destination. While I can’t tell you exactly what day you will achieve your desired results, I can tell you that we usually see movement in 1-3 months and most of our strategies take 2-6 months to see goals come to fruition.

I have a better site than my competitors, why do I rank so poorly?

More often than not, a better site to a human is not always assessed by the same metrics Google uses. We discuss what assets they believe their site has, examine areas of opportunity in regards to optimization and then create an action plan to help reach the client’s goals.

I was hit with a Google penalty, what do I do now?

Stop any current efforts, examine the cause of the penalty and create action items to get back in the SERPS. Disavow links, ditch poor content and make sure you aren’t violating any local guidelines.

What can I do to help my seo efforts?

Answer common customer questions on service pages and in your blog. These are most likely the things people are searching for answers to online and every business needs to provide that information at the very least on their site.

What does a 6 month forecast look like?

Normally, we provide a detailed 3 month forecast for our new clients. The 6 month forecast is provided as well, but it will not be as detailed. The reason being is because there is a lot of discovery to be made in months 1, 2, or 3 that will end up changing the tasks within […]

What is White Hat SEO?

In short, white hat SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the ‘good’ and legitmate SEO as opposed to Black Hat SEO or using questionable techniques.Examples of Good, ethical and proven White Hat Search Engine Optimization techniques are: Using proper meta-tags on your media Having an organized and clear page structure Keeping your website clean of […]

What makes website rank?

Many people want to pierce the veil of the magic of S.E.O. or Search Engine Optimization… It’s really not that deep, it’s that it is tedious and constantly changing. Also most people that seem to be ‘trying to be good at it’ tend to lean towards less than ethical tactics.To put it simply, the more […]

Why are we making changes to “unimportant” pages?

Your site is much like a home in that all it’s small pieces should support the whole. While this page may seem unimportant, it needs to be relevant to what the rest of the site is trying to say to users.

Why aren’t my rankings moving?

This one is a little more difficult. I would typically set up a meeting where we would look at the client’s site and weigh it against SEO best practices and their competitors. Painting an accurate picture of the playing field helps clients measure movement more appropriately.

Why do my rankings keep bouncing up and down?

We are making changes to your site which Google is evaluating as we make them. Your competitors are also making continual changes to their sites. In time our work will solidify your position but this is solid proof that the algorithm is responding to our efforts.

A company just contacted me and said my SEO is very poor. Is this true?

Unfortunately there are companies in this industry whose sole lead generation technique is to send out these emails to get you to quit your current campaign and start a new one with them. Look at the metrics they are using to judge the site and then compare them to client goals. They often don’t match […]

Are Yahoo and Bing still important?

Not to the same extent of Google but it is wise to make sure that customers can find you wherever they may search.

Can you help me rank for ___________?

Yes! The core of our business is helping our client’s rank for whatever keyword they feel will bring them the most business; however, we will of course be sure to align expectations correctly and make recommendations on what we feel is best for our client’s business.

How can I beat my main competition, ____________?

We analyze the competition with each an everyone of our clients. In fact, we can tack the keyword ranking of up to 5 competitors during our campaigns. We perform our service for your business with the competition in mind. After we determine what the competition is doing, we may change the strategy for our clients. […]

Call Labeling Defined

VALID LEAD Someone with ‘intent’ to use your services. Anyone that asks questions about your services. Anyone wanting an estimate/inspection. Anyone wanting to schedule an appointment. A missed call from a local number that rings more than 15 seconds or calls more than once. Someone that calls and is told that you do not service […]